Moringa Blaetter


It is known as the tree of life, gift tree, miracle tree, tree of hope.

Moringa oleifera Lam is a tree from the family Moringaceae. It includes 13 species, the best known of which is Morina oleifera. This species is native to the area of India, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Due to its high resistance to stress conditions, it is currently widely distributed in many parts of the world, including America. Moringa is a fast growing tree that is easy to cultivate and requires little water.

This plant is a natural resource that is very useful as a dietary supplement, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, oils, microelements and proteins and serves to maintain health and increase the quality of life. Preventive for more than 300 diseases.

This makes Moringa one of the most valuable foods and a perfect source for fighting hunger in many countries.

Moringa It is grown in many tropical countries as food and feed, and achieves good results in the production of poultry, pigs, sheep, goats, meat, eggs and milk, as well as for use as a medicine and for water purification.

Numerous fields of application: