Finca Cuba

Our Partners

Our partner in Cuba not only produces bionatural products in the heart of Cuba, but also creates social partnerships with producers/farmers in the spirit of Fair Trade. Through cooperation and training of regional partners, sustainable economic growth and ecosystem in Cuba is promoted.

The cultivation areas of our partner are known for the use of nature-friendly techniques, while preserving biodiversity. This is supported with the use of effective microorganisms EM.

Not only the commercialization of agricultural products and medicinal plants is close to the heart of our Cuban partner, but also the improvement of the quality of life of its own population.

Moringa en Cuba
Cultivation of Moringa in Cuba with the use of EM (effective microorganisms)

Cuba has a great experience in the development of completely organic food.

The embargo has favored the initiative of the Cuban people in the development of agriculture in favor of the production of organic food.

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